Can I Let You in on a Secret?

No…don’t get excited. It’s not done.

But I have made SIGNIFICANT progress.

All because of some big goal setting.

It started on March 27th.

I set a goal for myself—and I didn’t tell a soul.

On that day, I made a decision. I was going to write 1000 words every day for the next 21 days. It was a commitment born out of a desire to push my boundaries, to challenge myself to do more, to be more consistent in my craft.

I’ve always wanted to be a part of Jami Attenberg‘s 1000-word writing events, but the timing was never quite right. Or, I always had some sort of excuse is probably closer to the truth. But why couldn’t I just do it on my own? I’ve always been good at setting goals and reaching them…take, for example, all of those athletic goals – from 5K to Half Ironman and everything in between. I got that shit done.

I could do this – and there wouldn’t be any sweating involved. **BONUS**

As the days unfolded, so did my dedication to this goal. Each day, I would sit at my desk, fingers poised over the keyboard, ready to pour my thoughts onto the blank canvas of the page. Some days were easy, the words flowing effortlessly from my mind to the screen. Other days were more challenging, requiring a battle against procrastination and self-doubt. But through it all, I persevered.

EVERY DAY I reached my goal.

Today is the 21st day. I have achieved what I set out to do, writing over 21,000 words in just three weeks. (As of this morning, I’m at 63332 words.) But beyond the sheer number of words typed, this journey has taught me invaluable lessons about the writing process and myself.

First and foremost, I’ve learned the importance of consistency. Writing every day, without fail, has ingrained in me a sense of discipline that I never knew I was capable of. It’s not always about waiting for inspiration to strike; sometimes, it’s about showing up and putting in the work, day in and day out.

Secondly, I’ve discovered the power of momentum. By committing to this daily practice, I found that each word I wrote propelled me forward, inching me closer to my ultimate goal. It’s amazing how small, consistent actions can snowball into something much greater over time.

Additionally, I’ve come to understand the value of setting manageable goals. While the idea of writing a novel may seem daunting, breaking it down into smaller, more achievable milestones makes the process feel much more manageable. By focusing on writing just 1000 words a day, I was able to make steady progress without feeling overwhelmed.

But perhaps most importantly, I’ve learned to silence my inner critic and embrace imperfection. Not every word I wrote was brilliant, not every sentence flowed effortlessly. But that’s okay. Perfection is not the goal; progress is. And each word written, no matter how flawed, is a step forward on the journey toward improvement.

At the end of this 21-day writing journey, I carry with me a newfound sense of determination and belief in my capabilities. With only nine chapters left to write in my manuscript, I approach the next phase with excitement and confidence. Armed with the lessons learned during these three weeks, I am ready to embrace the challenges ahead and continue pushing toward my goal.

And yes, I have a goal set for when I can type those two little words—The End—but I’m keeping that one to myself, as well. (But you’ll be the first to know when it happens—I promise!)

What goals have you set for yourself lately?

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